Best Sanitary Pad for Overnight Use: ADORE Dreamy Nights

ADORE Dreamy Nights, $4.65 for a pack of eight

If being on your period is always a pain, we feel you, girl. With a cotton core that features super high absorbency, ADORE Dreamy Nights saves you from side leaks and backflow no matter how much you toss and turn at night. Of course, comfort takes precedence too. The ultra slim pad is made with non-bleached cotton to reduce the risk of skin reactions and sensitivity. It also effectively inhibits bacterial growth, so you won’t have to worry about nasty infections. Better yet, it also means you’ll feel extra fresh when you wake up in the morning with no stickiness down below.

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ADORE Active Days, $5.85 for a pack of 16

It’s important to stay comfortable in the day too. The ultra slim and highly absorbent ADORE Active Days ensures that you’ll feel fresh when you’re running about town during your period, and keeps your pretty frocks free from nasty stains too. Its anti-bacterial feature also provides extra protection and peace of mind.

Available at all Watsons stores and selected Giant, Sheng Siong, Raffles Health and minimarts.

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