Body Awards 2017: Best On-the-go Breakfast

Puvay Chia Lite, $8 for one bottle and $14.90 for two bottles. Available in two flavours: wild berries and pomegranate, and passionfruit and mango.

Keep hunger pangs at bay with Puvay Chia Lite, an all-natural weight management drink that leaves you feeling full for up to four hours. It has three key ingredients: organic chia seeds, which expand in your stomach to give you a feeling of fullness; chicory root extract, a prebiotic fibre that increases good gut flora; and bio-fermented polysaccharide, which slows down the breakdown of food. Puvay Chia Lite is high in fibre, lower in calories, and is a source of omega-3. Drink half or one bottle before a meal to reduce your hunger and cravings.

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Puvay Collagen Drink, $7 for one bottle and $24.90 for four bottles. Available in four flavours: Passionfruit Spring, Peach Perfect, Husky Berry and Mango Sunshine.

Sip your way to great skin with Puvay Collagen Drink, a natural beauty supplement that will give you a glowing complexion. With no added sugar or artificial ingredients, this healthy treat contains low molecular weight Korean Marine Collagen Peptides, which are absorbed more quickly into the skin than regular collagen for faster results.

Available at Megafash outlets and The Garden Slug cafe, and online at, Qoo10 and Lazada. Bulk purchase available at $170 for 30 bottles.

A Puvay special, as seen in CLEO June 2017 issue.

See the full list of Body Awards winners here.

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