Body Awards 2017: Best Tea for Period Cramps

Yeo’s Longan Red Date Drink, $2.40 per pack (250ml x 6)

Red dates have long been heralded as a superfood, and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe they add a wealth of goodness to the body. Renowned for their ability to enrich and replenish blood, they’re also eaten to keep period cramps at bay. Dried longan has a “warm” nature and is purported to promote tranquility. Combined with the superpowers of red dates, Yeo’s Longan Red Date Drink helps to revitalise the body for overall wellness.

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Yeo’s Cheng Bou Leong, $14.50 per pack (300ml x 24)

Ideal for battling the scorching hot weather, Yeo’s Cheng Bou Leong is your best companion to get instant cooling relief. With no added preservatives, this drink is carefully brewed with authentic ingredients such as xia ku cao, xian cao and liquorice, which are believed by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners to help expel internal body heat.

Available in major supermarkets and convenience stores.

A Yeo’s special, as seen in CLEO June 2017 issue.

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