This Makeup Tool Is Perfect For All Lazy Singaporean Girls

Back to (beauty) school time.

Remember this?

Hopefully you had a nicer one in school (along with the fancy pencil case with the buttons and compartments — you know the one I mean). But it was pretty cool having one pen with all the colours in it.

Now that most of us have traded in colour pencils for coloured eyeliners, Clarins decided to create a totally throwback makeup tool that is totally applicable for girls today.

clarisn feature 2


The 4-Colour All-in-One Pen, is a total throwback but it’s also perfect for the modern women, switching between colours and tools in just a click.

Three of the four “inks” are eyeliners that go one super smooth while the fourth is a versatile lip liner.

two pens

The limited edition all-in-one tool launches end of March in Singapore, along with a range of new makeup products from Clarins. Grab this one and you’re guaranteed to be the coolest girl in school (again).

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