6 Things Every Singaporean Girl Must Do To Be More Confident

Discover your new level of confidence.

You don’t always wake up feeling your best, but that doesn’t mean you should let it set the tone for how you go about the rest of the day. Here are six ways to turn things around so you’re ready to present the best version of yourself to the world.

Dress well  
When you look good, you feel great, so put together your fave ensemble – and slick on your go-to lippie while you’re at it.

Try something new
Whether that’s listening to a new song or taking a different route to work, doing something different creates a sense of adventure and lifts your spirits.

You know what they say – fake it till you make it. Smiling makes you behave differently, which creates a positive chain reaction. Soon, you won’t be able to stop.

Stand tall
How you carry yourself also affects the way you see yourself mentally, so straighten up that back and keep those shoulders down and you’ll feel instantly more confident.

Get active
Sometimes, all you need is a short sweat sesh to purge those lousy feelings. Be it a run or yoga, some physical activity is sure to refresh your mood.

Maintain dewy, smooth skin
You’ll naturally feel better about yourself when your skin is healthy and radiant, so give it lots of TLC by being diligent with your skincare routine. Our skin not only affects how we look, but also how we feel, and we’re troubled when our face feels rough and dry, and our pores are pronounced. ORBIS’ best-selling hydration skincare series, AQUAFORCE, intensely moisturises the inner layers of the skin through the power of water in just three simple steps.

The secret behind the renewed AQUAFORCE’s power to keep skin moisturised is Moisture Magnet AQ. Besides strengthening the skin’s ability to lock in moisture, this star ingredient corrects the gaps in our skin and provides a thirst-quenching effect, creating a reservoir of moisture to relieve inner dryness and leave skin bright and dewy. To top it all off, the series is free of oil, fragrance and artificial colours.

ORBIS AQUAFORCE products are available at all ORBIS counters and stores. Visit orbis.com.sg for more information.

An ORBIS special, as seen in CLEO March 2017 issue.

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