You Can Eat This Chicken-Flavoured Nail Polish By KFC

KFC has always been our guilty pleasure (a two-piece meal with cheese fries, anyone?), but we never thought the fast food chain would one day take their slogan, “It’s finger lickin’ good”, to a literal stage.

But before you get too excited (or weirded out) – we won’t judge – you should know that the launch of actual, flavoured, edible nail polish is limited to KFC Hong Kong.

The launch itself is part of a marketing ploy to get Hong Kong consumers excited about KFC, and we can safely say it’s turned heads worldwide. McCormick, the company behind the secret spice mix that goes into KFC chicken was involved in the planning behind the flavours of these nail polishes.

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The nail polishes are available in two variations: Hot & Spicy, and Original Recipe, based on KFC’s popular chicken recipes. We’ve got no idea how it’s meant to work (will it dry and harden like regular nail polish), or if it’s completely safe to actually lick off your fingers (they claim it’s made from natural ingredients), but KFC has definitely caught our attention.

Accompanying the launch is a completely random music video-commercial that is frankly as weird as the concept of edible chicken-flavoured nail polish, but have a watch for yourself:

Images: KFC, lofik /
Text: Alyssa Dhaliwal,, May 5, 2016

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