Two Medical Staff Fought In An Operating Theatre

It was captured on video.

A surgery is serious business – but surely everyone knows that. It’s the one place where the atmosphere is tensed, not only for the patient (who is likely to be unconscious) but also the medical staff. Attention should, obviously, be on the said patient, but a shocking CCTV footage showed two medical staff in scrubs throwing punches at each other in an operating theatre.

The video, which has gone viral, showed a woman gesturing to a man and looked to be arguing with him. The man then took off his gloves and threw them at her. She threw the first punch, and he retaliated by punching her a few times until she fell on the ground. Some of the staff members rushed up to stop them, and a man who was standing by the operating table was seen picking up some fallen items, and then appeared to be kicking one of them to halt the fight. He was then seen gesturing at them, presumably to tell them to leave.

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This allegedly took place in a Henan province in China called Lankou. Various Chinese media sites interviewed a police officer who investigated the case. Although he did not mention what caused the argument, he told the media that the incident took place after the surgery and that the patient was no longer in the room.

Watch the footage below.

Image: Facebook

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