Tennis Player Goes On A Date With Fan After Losing Bet

Best bet ever for the fan.

Going on a date with your idol is a dream come true for any fan. For John Goehrke, he scored a date with tennis player Eugenie Bouchard via Twitter – all because of a bet.

Eugenie had confidently stated on Twitter that Atlanta Falcons would be victorious over New England Patriots at the Super Bowl game, as the former had been leading. John, who is a Patriots fan, thought otherwise and dared Eugenie to make a bet with him. If Patriots won, the tennis player would have to go on a date with him.

Clearly, the fan knew that Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback, wouldn’t disappoint. The Patriots turned things around and scored a victory, so Eugenie had to make good her bet.

John, who is from Missouri, was flown to New York City, where the pair went on a date to an NBA game. And based on her Twitter posts, they had a fabulous time!

They even ended the date with a kiss – albeit it was a peck on the cheek because they had reportedly missed their chance to go on Kiss Cam because they spent too much time at the buffet.

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Eugenie told espnW in a phone interview that she thought he was “one of those crazy fans on Twitter”. She said, “When I agreed to go on the date with him, I didn’t even look at his Twitter profile,” said Bouchard in a separate call on Thursday. “I answered ‘Sure.’ … And his profile picture was of Tiger Woods, so I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is one of those crazy fans on Twitter.’ I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what he looked like. He could have been anyone. We talked about how funny that was [last night].”

When asked by TMZ if there would be a second date, she said, “For sure.”

Will we see another fan-turned-lover story à la Jake T. Austin’s girlfriend?

Image: Eugenie Bouchard’s Twitter

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