The Real Reason Why Xiaxue Is No Longer Friends With QiuQiu And KayKay

She finally addressed the topic.

If you’re an avid follower of local blogger Xiaxue on any of her social media platforms, you might have noticed the lack of fellow blogger QiuQiu in her post recently. While it’s an open secret that the two are no longer on talking terms, no one knows exactly what went down between the former close friends. Even Xiaxue, whose real name is Wendy Cheng, has kept mum – until now.

On the episode of The Truth About Xiaxue by YAAAS TV, Xiaxue told DJ Josh how her friendship with QiuQiu came to an end.

She said, “The relationship was starting to show cracks because of work issues [since years ago].”

She added, “[QiuQiu] started to distance herself. I tried my hardest to bring the friendship to where it was but it just never really worked out.”

At this point, Xiaxue is just glad that she’s not the fodder for discussion among her former squad. She said, “She’s not talking about me online anymore. For a period of time, the group of them was. I’m glad it kind of stopped.”

She admitted that the fallout did cause her to doubt herself. She said, “For a long time, I felt, ‘Is there something wrong with me? Why are my friends leaving me? Is it me?’ And how the public would perceive it. … It gets to you sometimes.”

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However, she doesn’t regret befriending QiuQiu. She said, “When I look back on it, it was a beautiful friendship and I enjoyed a lot of my time with them. Sometimes, things just end.”

Qiu Qiu is not the first blogger friend Xiaxue had a falling out with. Years ago, she ended her friendship with blogger KayKay. She spoke of the issue in the same video, “We were friends since a long time ago. From the start when she first told me she wanted to be a blogger … It started to be like, ‘Really? You want to?’”

She added, “I felt threatened, yes, a little bit, and I felt betrayed because it’s like, ‘You never told me that’s what you want to do. That’s my area, and you already have your area.’ And I already felt that she was prettier than me; she was smarter than me, and she was more popular with boys than me. This is my thing and you came into my thing. And I stupidly enough have let you in by promoting you the entire time. … I felt so much guilt for feeling that way.”

However, she confessed that she still misses her old friend. She said, “It came to a point where her social media personality started to overshadow her real personality and I started to miss the old KayKay, I guess. And I still miss her till today.”

Watch the full video below.

Image: Xiaxue’s Instagram

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