Sanrio’s New Character Is Every Working Woman In Singapore

This hits too close to home.

We all love Gudetama because it’s everything we want to be – chill, lazy and relax one corner. While the lazy egg is unattainable goals, Sanrio just introduced another character which basically mirrors our everyday life: Aggretsuko, which is derived from the word “aggressive” (obvs).

The red panda is an office worker who looks cute, but is actually full of rage because of what she goes through at work every day. A boss who gives her more work just when she’s about to knock off for the day, a colleague who incessantly annoys her with details about his/her life, and nosy co-workers who talk behind her back. Yes, basically story of our lives.

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But Aggretsuko channels her rage in a healthy way – she sings heavy metal songs at a karaoke place after work.

Not quite like us, but similar in some ways. (We wouldn’t be surprised if our friends thought of our rants as heavy metal songs.) Oh, she also drinks beer after work. Totally our kindred spirit.

We think we just found our fave Sanrio character.

Image: Sanrio’s Twitter

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