5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Swear Off Carbs

I mean why would you want to?!

Here’s some good new for this festive season. While it’s typical of us when overindulging to plan a couple of low carb (or even sadder, no carb) weeks of dieting after the New Year, studies have now shown that cutting carbs completely out of your diet is generally a bad idea for your overall wellbeing. Our bodies actually need these delicious comfort dishes to function healthily — so don’t cut them out entirely. Here are 5 reasons you need your comfort food.


You need carbs to give you energy. They’re like that that first boost that gets your body burning fats. There’s no point collapsing mid-workout because you don’t have what you need to keep going!

Bad Breath

The body burns fat through a process called ketosis…unfortunately it doesn’t leave you very kissable. This can’t be fixed with a breath mint or brushing your teeth, but include a few carbs in your diet and you’ll be minty fresh always.


This can happen when you’re on a low carb diet because it results in low sugar levels. This can’t possibly help your productivity (or crankiness).


You need carbs as a good source of fibre. Without that there’s a chance you’re going to feel bloated and heavy anyway.


Carbs help the body produce seratonin, a feel-good chemical. Without them you’re like to be grumpy all the time. Then no one will want to be around you. Life’s too short for that!

Image: Pexels.com

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