See Photos From The Descendants of the Sun’s Cafe In Singapore

Here's what we think of the food and drinks.

A few months ago, Descendants of the Sun fans went ga-ga when they found out they could reenact a scene from the drama right here in Singapore. Seorae, a Korean BBQ restaurant, had placed a standee of Yoo Shijin from the famous scene where he bent down to tie Kang Moyeon’s shoelaces. The restaurant provided a chair where fans could pretend to be Kang Moyeon in that scene and snap a photo as a keepsake.

Now, it seems like you can reenact another scene from the top-rated Korean drama: where the Song-Song couple declare their love for each other while sipping mugs of milk with heart-shaped chocolates on sticks. The scene was filmed in Dal.Komm Coffee, a coffee chain in South Korea that was also one of the sponsors for the show.

The coffee chain has just opened its first outlet in Singapore and it’s giving us major DOTS feels. We went down to take a look and have a taste of some of their signature offerings. Scroll through the galleries for more.

The interior

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The menu

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