Here Are The Luckiest Foods In The World

To ward off bad luck for Friday the 13th.

Some cultures consider Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day, but regardless of whether you’re a believer, there’s no harm in trying to keep bad luck at bay, right? It might be too last-minute to seek advice from a fengshui master, so why not do it the Singaporean way – by turning to food?

Different cultures view these foods as lucky, so why not include them in your meals tomorrow?

In Spain, it’s considered good luck to eat one grape at every chime of the clock when it hits 12 midnight on New Year – so you’ll have to eat 12 grapes to have a year of prosperity.

Too lazy to find the ingredients? Deliveroo has partnered with Aloha Poké for a limited edition lucky bowl, aptly named Lucké Poké bowl, to ward off bad luck.


It includes salmon, garlic, cabbage and pomegranate so you can get through Friday the 13th unscathed while enjoying a delish lunch.

The specially-created dish is priced at $18.88 and will only be available on Friday, October 13, 2017, exclusively through Deliveroo.


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