Here’s How You Can Get Free Clothes And Help The Environment

Do good, look good.

There’s no denying the Earth is having some serious issues with us humans at the moment. But sometimes, it can seem really hard to figure out how to help. The easiest way is to incorporate it into stuff you already love doing − like shopping.

You may have heard of clothes swaps, where instead of binning your old clothes which end up in landfills, you score yourself great new outfits by swapping with your friends. Now, 313@somerset is taking the concept to a whole new level. On top of the more than 15 eco-initiatives it runs, including a rainwater harvesting tank used for flushing toilets and irrigating greenery, it’s bringing back the Green & Gorgeous Fashion Swap. Happy Earth, stylish wardrobe – why wouldn’t you want to get involved?!

The Green & Gorgeous Fashion Swap is back at 313@somerset and the mall wants you to join in on the good green vibes. Plus, they’re making it so easy. Here’s how it works.

*Terms and conditions:

  1. Registration and participation is open to all females above 18 years of age.
  2. Each participant must submit at least one fashion item (female apparel; no accessories, shoes and innerwear). A maximum of 15 items per participant are accepted for exchange.
  3. All items must be clean and in good and desirable condition.

The organiser reserves the right to reject any items submitted at its sole discretion. For more information, visit

Earth Hour
Alongside the Green & Gorgeous Fashion Swap, 313@somerset will be switching off all non-essential lighting on Saturday, 25 March from 8.30pm in support of Earth Hour 2017. You too can support this cause by switching off your lights for an hour!

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