The Cheapest Countries To Buy Your Favourite Classic Sneakers In

Including Singapore.


Everyone loves sneakers, but being typical Singaporeans (or humans), we all seek the best deals. But unfortunately, our favourite classic are almost never on sale, especially end-of-seasons sales. Which is why we can’t help but scour for the best deals when we travel.

The good folks at Cuponation has compiled a list of prices from official online shops and retailers to present you where to score a good deal for your Converse Chuck Taylors, Vans Old Skool and Adidas Superstar.

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Wondering what to get in Singapore? We’ll have you know that we rank third among the list of countries that stocks Old Skool for the cheapest price. Malaysia ranked first, with a price difference of $3.24.

We came fifth when it comes to stocking the cheapest Chuck Taylors, at an affordable price of $69.90. India topped the list, with a retail price of $55.13.

For Adidas Superstar, we ranked sixth, with a retail price of $139 – a $30.66 difference from chart-topper Canada.

See the full list below.

Image: Cuponation,

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