Are Male Chokers A Thing Now?

Our male fashion intern shares his musings on this ubiquitous accessory.

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Right now as we type, the internet (specifically western media) is in a major frenzy over The Male Choker. Yes, that’s right. What was once spotted on the sinewy necks of fashion conscious females everywhere has now become a thing of controversy.

It all started when ASOS released a bunch of chokers onto its site specifically for men (namely this one and this one), setting the twitterverse into a fashion meltdown. Subsequently, other sites started breaking the story about these elusive male chokers, wanting to stop it from trending ASAP. Seriously, people are not happy, with some twitter users citing this trend as the end of 2017. (Erm, didn’t the year just start?)

Now you may be wondering, what is the difference between a male and a female choker and the answer is *drum roll please*…nothing. They are literally the same product just marketed to a different gender. If you head over to the women’s section on ASOS you will see virtually no difference in terms of the products.

While the western media is still trying to wrap their heads around this ubiquitous accessory, male chokers aren’t actually all that new on this side of the pond. K-Pop celebs such as BTS member Rapmonster and Big Bang member G-Dragon have been rocking the male choker since 2015. And these aren’t your run-of-the mill no name celebs who are just popular in Korea. Big Bang is arguably the biggest boy band right now and have even landed a spot in the most recent Forbes 30 under 30 while BTS has set the record for highest charting K-Pop album in the United States.

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But why are people in a craze? Is it too fashion forward for the mainstream consumer? Are male chokers crossing the line too much? Well then may we ask, what is the line? Many fashion trends have started from women’s clothes and trickled down into men’s wear (and vice versa!). Remember a time where men used to wear women’s jeans (and still do) before skinny jeans for men came about on the high street? Even Jaden Smith has been photographed wearing a skirt for a recent Louis Vuitton campaign.

I actually hope for this trend to catch on, and continue to open up the conversation on whether there is a need to label  clothing or accessories according to gender. Because to be honest, I don’t want the only socially acceptable accessory for guys to be a Puka shell necklace (aka the original male choker.)

If reading all this is now making you feel like shopping for some “Male Chokers” check out some of our favourites ones out there, male or otherwise.

Text: Nicholas Chan

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