CLEO Eligible Bachelor Exclusive: Meet the Bachelor Behind Salted Egg Yolk Chips

Meet CLEO Eligible Bachelor Christopher Hwang. You might not recognise his face unless you’re a fellow entrepreneur, but the 24-year-old is the brains behind a couple of companies, including The Golden Duck – possibly the most popular retailer of salted egg yolk chips. And he manages all his businesses on top of juggling his duties as a law student at National University of Singapore. Impressive, much? Here’s what you need to know about him.

  1. He’s the brains of salted egg yolk chips
    The snacks are so popular that they sell out whenever the company has a pop-up store at various shopping malls.

    A photo posted by Chris Hwang (@thechrishwang) on

  2. He is really good at photography
    Just look at his Instagram photos. Can we have some tips, Chris?

  3. He enjoys good alcohol
    Wine, whisky, beer… He sure knows how to enjoy life!

    A photo posted by Chris Hwang (@thechrishwang) on

  4. He has taken a photo with Prime Minster Lee Hsien Loong
    Just a day hanging out with the PM. Because he can.

  5. He’s sporty
    From golf to bowling to wakeboarding, Chris is always up for a challenge.

Images: Christopher Hwang’s Instagram

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