Dating Diaries: We Went On A Date And He Didn’t Even Realise It

Can a date be romantic with just 40 minutes?

They always say that romance dies after you get married, but I’d like to think it takes longer than six months for that to happen. So  I asked my new husband to join me on a date at lunch time.

The date

I figured that since I started this “Dating Diaries” column, I’d be kind of obliged to take him out.  Since the restaurant I wanted to check out, Akira Back at JW Marriott South Beach, could only accommodate us at lunch time, I thought it was a good opportunity. 40-minutes is definitely too short for a getting-to-know-you first date, but for married people? Should be fine. I figured we could see if you can keep the romance alive with a time limit.


To be honest, Akira Back was also a bit of a test. Chris isn’t known to be the most adventurous of eaters but I was really intrigued by the Korean-Japanese restaurant’s concept. The first dish, the famous Tuna Pizza with truffle was amazing but he generally doesn’t like truffles…surprisingly, he turned out to be a fan. I guess married couples can still surprise each other.


This was also when I discovered that he didn’t know we were on a date. “Oh this is a date?”….If you didn’t think men listened before marriage, just wait till after. I made it known immediately that I had at least made an effort, “I wore a necklace for you!”

The set lunch at Akira Back is very efficient — and good value for money. The kimchi roast chicken that Chris had looked great whereas my Wagyu beef that arrived steaming on a hot plate was super luxe. Since we didn’t have to do the whole “getting to know you” thing, we ended up having mundane adulting conversations about jobs and why people can’t just do theirs.

jw marriott room

Living together, we didn’t really have to make an effort to see each other, but it’s always nice to do something a little out of the ordinary. Lunch was only about 40 minutes including coffee and we could have spent another 20 mins chatting but he had to go back to work (like I said, adulting). If I really wanted to make it romantic, next time I’ll book a room at the hotel, as you can see from the picture that would have really been something special.


Chris says…

I thought we were just meeting for lunch. But since Karen doesn’t usually suggest lunch like that I should have known something was up. The food was tasty and the service was great. Would have been happy to spend more time there except I had a meeting to get back for.


The venue

Akira Back really hits the spot when it comes to food, and their lunch set is a great deal. We loved that service was prompt — these people know you’ve got stuff to get to post-meal! Check out the gallery for more pictures of the food.

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