9 Things You Didn’t Know About MMA Champ Angela Lee

What a cool chick.

The current ONE Atomweight (48kg or less) World Champion, Angela Lee is the youngest person to ever win a world title in MMA. Watch any of her fights on YouTube and you’ll see that the 20-year-old (yer, 2-0) truly lives up to her moniker Unstoppable, and literally packs a punch.

But the Evolve MMA fighter is a real sweetheart when the gloves come off – she’s polite to boot and always talks about her family (her dad is Singaporean and mom, Korean). Want to find out more about her outside of the ring? Here’s the fun stuff worth knowing:

1. She keeps a list of her favourite Singaporean food on her phone

“It’s gotta be the chicken wings and satay. Chicken rice is a staple, and laksa is really good when I’m not about to train [sighs]. I love popiah, it’s a really nice snack in between.  I also love Hokkien mee!”

 2. She’s all about the sun, sand and sea

“Always the beach. I like to surf though I’m not very good, and I like to stand-up paddle! I have a dog, his name is Rocky – I love him so much. I take him to the park and the beach.”

3. She loves all kinds of music 

“I listen to everything under the moon, but right now, a lot of Christmas music! I like EDM music, Kygo’s one of my favourite DJs. I also listen to a lot of island reggae music at home, and a lot of old school R&B and rap. Radio music isn’t really my thing but I do love mellow music – stuff by John Mayer, Michael Bublé and Jack Johnson.”

4. Her skincare routine is “horrible”

“I carry a pack of towelettes with me to wipe my face every time but [upkeeping the routine] is hard. I like to moisturise and use a lot of lotion, but [the frequency] is really bad though!

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5. Her ideal date is at Disneyland 

“Oh my god, my ideal date! Ok, I got a little bit excited [laughs]. K, listen up boys! I like a lot of adventure, so I think the coolest thing would be if someone planned a trip to Disneyland. I love California, so maybe the pier, go to Disneyland and take all the rides, go to the pier at Santa Monica, watch the sunset and then have a nice dinner.”

6. She rescheduled her flight back to Hawaii for ZoukOut

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, Hardwell’s gonna be here? And Martin Garrix? And Zedd?’ I’m really excited about that!”

7. She knows what she’ll take with her to a deserted island 

“I’ll bring my whole family, including the dogs, my music, my paddleboards, sunscreen so I don’t burn, and a bathing suit so I’m not naked!”

8. Thinking about a celebrity crush stresses her out

“Oh my god, this is so much pressure! If i could meet any celebrity crush it would be… this is so hard! ‘Cos you have guys that are really cute, and you have guys who are really hunky and hot. Liam Hemsworth is cute but OK, not a crush. Cristiano Ronaldo is really cute too but ugh, this is hard. Can I just say I haven’t found him yet? Still looking!”

9. She has a type

“OK, you gotta have the trifecta! He’s gotta be a nice person, genuine and sincere, ‘cos that’s kinda hard to find nowadays. I’ve gotta be able to talk to him, like actually hold long conversations. And of course, the physical attraction has got to be there. I’ve liked all types of guys and they really just have to be adventurous – they can’t say no to the beach or rollercoasters!”

Bonus: She’s putting her brother on the market

“My brother is single. Get him a nice girl!”

So is Angela, by the way, in case your friend/brother/colleague wants to know.

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