6 Essential Oils Every 20-something Needs To Be More Productive At Work

Inhale, exhale.

Sometimes, it can be hard to keep your energy levels up. So you’d be surprised at how much essential oils can help. “Smell is a very powerful sense that we take for granted. We don’t appreciate how it impacts our emotions and state of being,” says Robert Young, Founding Executive of doTERRA. These six oils are perfect for every 20-something, whether you’re having a tough time at work or planning for a big gym session.

Tip: A drop or two will do
Dilute one or two drops of oil with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimise any skin sensitivity. Rub the drops in your palms to release the scent, then apply to the back of your neck, forehead and temples, avoiding the eyes. Finally, cup your hands together, and breathe in and out.

You can purchase doTERRA essential oils at #04-01, Suntec Tower 3, 8 Temasek Boulevard. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 12pm to 8:30pm, and Saturday, 12pm to 4:30pm (closed on Sundays and Public Holidays). For more information, call 6801 6900 or e-mail singapore@doterra.com.

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