Here’s A Super Easy Way To Manage Your Weight Effectively

You can finally stop your hunger pangs and unhealthy snacking once and for all.

Have you ever found yourself overeating at dinner, or suffering from 3pm hunger pangs? At that point, the snack shop starts calling your name and it becomes all too easy to consume empty calories.

Chia Lite was especially formulated to fill this gap – both in your stomach and in the Singaporean market. Unlike fad shakes or diets, locally-researched Chia Lite is a functional drink that’s designed to supplement your diet, containing all-natural ingredients to keep you full for longer. You can drink it before a meal to prevent overeating, or use it as a healthy snack alternative. The two delicious flavours, Wild Berries & Pomegranate and Passionfruit & Mango, are high in fibre, low in calories, and have been meticulously developed to help you keep on track to looking and feeling your best.

There are three key ingredients in the Chia Lite beverages, which were picked for their ability to keep you feeling full for three to four hours, and also keep your gut healthy.

That’s not all! Chia Lite also boasts these benefits.

  • Aids in weight management
  • Delays hunger and provides satiety
  • High in dietary fibre
  • Lower in calories
  • No sugar added
  • Source of omega-3
  • Contains prebiotics
  • Halal and suitable for vegetarians

For all enquiries, e-mail Available at Naiise, Lazada, Wellness Hut and Mega Fash.

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A Chia Lite special, as seen in CLEO March 2017 issue.

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