The Faces Behind The Brand


Claire Starkey Editor in Chief CLEO

Editor-in-Chief - Claire Starkey

My job is… working with the CLEO team to create the witty, pretty, all-round excellent content you read in print, online and everywhere else.

My guilty pleasure is…  I would say ice cream and Dance Moms, but to be honest, there’s very little guilt involved in either…

Senior Art Director - Tan Lin Kuan

My job is… working with the Editor-in-Chief  to produce a competitive editorial product. I lead a team of designers in laying out the pages and set the design direction.

My guilty pleasure is … staying in and eating and sleeping in bed all day…

CLEO Associate Editor Karen Fong

Associate Editor - Karen Fong

My job is… to help manage the Features team and come up with interesting stories for both online and print. I also have a strong say in where we go for lunch.

My guilty pleasure is… pasta…in every shape or size. Though it makes going to the gym not pleasurable at all.

Senior Graphic Designer - Leong Li Yuan

My job is … to execute the amazing ideas and content into visual forms to grab your attention in the print magazine, as well as on this website.

My guilty pleasure is… eat, sleep, repeat!

Senior Beauty Editor - Cynthia Chew

My job is… to keep our readers and beauty junkies up to date on the hottest beauty trends.

My guilty pleasure is… matte lipsticks.

Fashion Director - Janice Pidduck

My job involves..  conceptualising shoots, features and convincing the Editor-in-Chief that my weird and wonderful fashion ideas will really work!

Fashion Stylist/Writer - Cheryl Chan

My job is… the fashion voice, arms and legs of the magazine. I also advise people to buy one too many chokers.

My guilty pleasure is… super trashy reality TV shows from the UK that cause your brain cells to deplete as you watch them.

Sub-editor - Syafii Ghazali

My job is… checking and editing all written content, making sure it’s accurate, easy to read, and grammatically sound. I’m also CLEO’s resident tech geek.

My guilty pleasure is… cheesy pop songs, especially on karaoke nights!

Senior Features Writer - Sophie Hong

My job is… covering lifestyle and entertainment stories for CLEO.

My guilty pleasure is… Overwatch. Damn you, Blizzard Entertainment.

Senior Digital Writer - Hidayah Idris

My job… makes for a great excuse to watch YouTube videos, catch up on celeb goss and do online shopping.

My guilty pleasure is… EXO’s Kyungsoo. Not too guilty about it, though. And cute cat videos, but I try not to admit that lest my cat gets jealous.

Writer - Adora Wong

My job is… banging out stories for our website and print pages.

My guilty pleasure is… watching The Jerry Springer Show and playing Killing Floor 2. Not necessarily at the same time.


Director of Marketing and Circulation - Lin Shaomei

My job is… dealing with numbers and stats, and a lot of talking.

My guilty pleasure is… my daily Kopi Si.

Marketing Manager - Imelda Koh

My job is… challenging myself each day to bring out the best in my team to bring you the greatest experience from CLEO.

My guilty pleasure is… getting into couch potato mode after the completion of a CLEO event.

Marketing Assistant - Gina Chua

My job is... creating and executing marketing campaigns to engage you to know more about CLEO!

My guilty pleasure is… bubble tea. I’m addicted!

Marketing Executive - Wong Jia Min

My job is… executing and handling all CLEO events. Generating and creating all marketing ideas / activities, allowing these ideas to come to life!

My guilty pleasure is… watching Mean Girls way too many times.


Head of Sales and Marketing - Gwendolyn Ho

Advertising Director - Sandra Chua

My job is… making $$$ for the company!

My guilty pleasure is... online shopping!

CLEO staff Abigail Yeo

Account Manager - Abigail Yeo

My job is… I’m the bridge between the client and the company. My responsibility is to grab the money and identify opportunity to grow the account.

My guilty pleasure is… when I down the whole pint of ice cream by myself while watching my favourite Korean Drama.

CLEO staff Huimin Tiong

Account Manager - Tiong Hui Min

My job is… to be my client’s best friend.

My guilty pleasure is… being a couch potato all day long in sloppy PJs!


Tara Barker - CLEO

Group Editor - Tara Barker

My job is… organising, scheduling, preparing invoices, strategising… But I also write some posts on sex and relationships – and that’s fun!

My guilty pleasure is… looking for decor and DIY pics on social media. I get all inspired… then realise I’d rather look at other people’s efforts.

Eileen Chia - CLEO

Head of Product and Partnerships - Women's Network - Eileen Chia

My job is… helping clients navigate their way through our platforms of print, digital and social; and work with the sales, editorial and marketing teams to ensure a seamless experience and engagement of the CLEO brand and content.

My guilty pleasure is… eating potato chips while reading in bed (ideally on a rainy day).