1 In 5 People Do This Gross Thing With Their Underwear

We try to be as hygienic as possible when it comes to underwear, especially since it sits at a really intimate area of our body. But a study has found that one in five people actually do something pretty gross with it. The thing in question? Not changing it.

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According to a survey of 1,000 by online clothing store Banana Moon Clothing, 20 percent of people admitted that they wear their underwear two or more times before putting it in the wash. Three percent of them usually turn it inside out to keep it “fresh”.

And not to say men are, well, dirtier than women — but 31 percent of men said that they’re guilty of re-wearing underwear, as compared just 10 percent of women.

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Plus, while it may be OK to go weeks without washing pants and jackets, you put yourself at greater risk of catching something nasty if you don’t keep your underwear clean.

“There are no right or wrong answers for how often outer clothing or garments should be washed, but the general rule of thumb is that underwear should be washed every day as it covers areas that can breed bacteria,” said Lesley Taylor, a microbiologist at Addmaster.

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Which means you should also make it a point to wash your bra often. After all, 26 percent of women surveyed said they usually wear one five or more times before putting it in the wash, with six percent admitting that they’d even hold out for 10 wears before doing the same.

Doing the laundry may be an absolute chore, but hygiene is important (and attractive), so just give your undies a good scrub daily OK?

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