We have probably heard countless of times about the importance of being confident. It makes one look more beautiful, intelligent and desirable. The media also says that “confidence is the new sexy”. The confident woman has high self-awareness, knows herself well, and trusts her instinct. But the question is, how does one become more confident, beyond the practice of self-motivation and building of inner strength? Read on to find out.

  1. Dress comfortably, not to please
    Fashion trends are not a one-size-fits-all, so don’t feel like you are missing out or a misfit when you are not spotted in carwash pleats this Fall. Instead, be comfortable in your own skin and wear what makes you most at ease. To cite my personal experience, I used to “torture” myself by wearing pretty high heels, but they caused great distress and discomfort to my poor feet. I decided that I do not wish to put myself through future health problems or injuries through extended wear of high heels, especially those without soft insoles to reduce the impact on my knees. Well, I have not completely given up on those gorgeous towering heels that add length to my legs, but I’ve chosen to go for sensible alternatives, for example, wearing lower and thicker heels that will spread the weight more evenly, such as wedges and platforms. I still wear stilettos on days that require limited walking or standing, but I’m glad that by being thoughtful and flexible in my wardrobe options, I feel comfortable in what I wear, thus naturally, I feel confident and happy too!
  2. Challenge yourself
    Do this especially when you starting to doubt yourself, or simply need to get out of a mundane life. We constantly have to motivate and remind ourselves of our goals and achievements, so that pessimism and negative thoughts are less likely to invade our minds. Participating in a demanding outdoor activity, such as bungee-jumping, skydiving or survival camping forces you to leave your comfort zone and daily routines. Accomplishing a difficult challenge will give you an unparalleled boost of confidence and added belief in what you are capable of.
  3. Be expressive, and focus on your body language
    I realised that the more new people I meet, and the more I involved I am interacting with my social circles, the more confident I get in expressing myself. Most people are friendly, so there’s nothing to fear. In fact, it gets easier as people know you better and appreciate the frequent communications, however brief. Spontaneity and joining in social gatherings also help me think on my feet, making it easier for me to cope with unforeseen circumstances. Here’s a tip: Keep a good (positive) posture, smile, maintain eye contact and take your time when conversing. And be nice. Confidence is now yours to keep!

Text and image: Melissa Jane Ho

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