On a first date and spilled wine on your dress? Don’t panic! We’ve got just the solution to this and three more iffy scenarios that life throws at you.

Scenario 1: You’re out for drinks and you spill red wine all over your new white dress.
Fix it: For your best chance of saving your beloved new outfit, you’ve got to get onto that stain straight away. Luckily, your savior is right behind the bar – white wine. Pour the wine gently over the stain and carefully blot from the edges inwards. “Don’t scrub at the stain – it will only make it worse,” says Caroline Roessler, author of The Modern Household Manual. “Just blot it gently with whatever’s handy, like bathroom paper tower.” But forget hot water to blitz the blotch. “That can set the stain even more,” says Roessler.

Scenario 2: You say something terrible about someone and they find out.
Fix it: There’s no other way around it. What you’ve done is terrible and you’ve got to own up and apologise, says Kylie Dunjey, senior manager and counsellor at Relationships Australia. “Say, ‘I’m sorry, that was really out of line.’ This is not the time to justify your behavior – an apology is diluted by anything you offer in your own defence,” she advised. You’ve just got to wait it out and empathise – how would you feel if you heard someone bitching about you? This will help you be more patient with their process. And above all, learn from your mistake.

Scenario 3: You’re baking a birthday cake for your BFF and you burnt the top… but the middle is still soggy!
Fix it: Don’t freak out! In the book How to Repair Food, authors Tanya Zeryck, Marina and John Bear suggest making up a food ‘plaster’. “Cut away the browned parts and cover the wounds with a dressing made from a beaten egg mixed with one teaspoon of brown sugar. Brush it on with a pastry brush and continue baking (lower the oven temperature by 25°C).” If your cake’s cooked but it’s too brown, cut off the burnt bits and cover with icing.

Scenario 4: You stand up to grab your coffee and you hear your skirt rip.
Fix it: Safety pins are obviously your friend in this stitch, but wide tape will do if you’re seriously out of options, says CLEO Australia’s junior fashion editor Rebecca Rac. “Go to the bathroom, turn your skirt inside out and tape the split together on the inside, lining up the seams if it’s the stitching that’s split. Then go and buy yourself a new one, stat!

Text: Alix Nicholson
Additional reporting: Liu Kai Ying
Image: Olena Zaskochenko / 123RF.com