If you’re envious of influencers who get more than 1,000 likes on every Instagram photo, here’s the good news: you can have a killer Instagram account too.

It’s not about buying likes and followers – it’s so much more than that. Lifestyle blogger, Jemimah Wei, who has more than 55,000 followers on her Instagram account (@jemmawei) reckons it’s not about blindly following the crowd.

  1. Plan your feed beforehand
    “Your Instagram feed is like your portfolio. At first glance, it should be coherent. I use VSCO Cam to arrange my photos in a three by three feed to get an idea of what it’ll look like.”
  2. Take note of the frequency and timing
    “I post at least once every day. If engagement is your main focus, it wouldn’t hurt to take some time out to analyse the type and timing of pictures that gain the most traction. “
  3.  Edit, edit, edit
    “The filters you use add a unique flavour to your pictures and it’s a bit like a signature. ”
  4. Retain your identity
    “Too many people get obsessed over creating the perfect feed. I’m more inclined to follow people who have witty bios or make me laugh with their captions. I like to feel like I know the person behind the profile. Taking great pictures is one thing but don’t let yourself get lost along the way!”

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Images: Jemimah Wei’s Instagram
Text: Sophie Hong