What does it take to have an awesome OOTD? We have covered the basics before, but an awesome outfit will defo make an OOTD look a lot better. (Let’s be real, there’s only so much that filters can do.)

Here are a few style tips to help you achieve a stylish OOTD for an Insta-worthy photo! P.S.: You can totes use these tips when picking out an outfit for CLEO It Girl!

  1. Focus on one thing

    It’s all right to go casual as long as you have one main point. If you’re donning a jeans-and-tee combo, jazz up the look with funky shoes or hat. Alternatively, let your clothes do the talking by wearing a logo tee or printed top or pants.
  2. Wear heels to make your legs look longer

    If you’re not a fan of sneakers (they’re our faves, but we’re not judging), why not wear heels to make your legs appear longer, especially if you’re wearing a short dress? If you can’t trot around in heels the whole day, bring an extra pair of footwear so you can change out after your OOTD. P.S.: You can change out after registering for CLEO It Girl too – we won’t judge.
  3. Attitude is important

    It’s not just about the clothes, but also your personality. If you’re channelling rocker chick cool but appear meek, it’s not gonna work. So, while you can be bold in your fashion choices, don’t be overly ambitious.
  4. Have a colour scheme

    One of the rules of visual art is to have a colour scheme. You don’t really wanna look like a box of water colours – you want to look like an art piece. So, match your outfits accordingly so it will look cohesive both in the photo and in real life.
  5. Have a pop of colour

    In the same way that you would pick one anchor product to jazz up an outfit, you can also inject a pop of colour to make your OOTD look more interesting, especially if you’re wearing monotones or muted/pastel shades.

Think you have what it takes to be an It Girl? Then we want you!

CLEO It Girl
Date: 19 and 20 Sep
Time: 11AM to 8PM
Venue: Bugis Junction
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Images: IMAXtree
Main image: lewistse / 123RF.com