5-minute mood lifters

Received some disappointing news from your boss or a friend? The guy you’re seeing has gone radio silent on you? Simply got up on the wrong side of the bed? Whatever the cause of the funk you find yourself in in the middle of a work day, it’s essential to put it aside so you can focus, be productive, and hopfully call it an early day. Here are some ways you can overcome the blues.

1. Take a walk
Whether it’s to the provision shop downstairs, or simply to another colleague’s desk, physically changing your scenery for awhile can alter your state of mind too. 

2. Indulge in the fluffy and frivolous
Laugh (just maybe not out loud). Watch YouTube videos. Read gossip sites. Peruse your favuorite online blogshops. Get your mind off the heavy things at work for a short while, and you’ll feel more refreshed when you get back to your task. 

3. Talk to someone
Don’t have a colleague you’re close enough to to share the more personal details of your life? Text or call a friend who’s willing to hear you out for a few minutes. The human interaction will instantly make you feel better. Besides, if it’s a good friend, chances are you’re on the same wavelength, and they might even be able to make you laugh in the process. 

4. Plug in
Is there a song you turn to whenever you’re down, that instantly lifts your mood? Whether it’s a bubblegum pop sensation, or melancholic tunes, we all use different types of music as coping mechanisms. Know yours. And use it often. 

5. Munch on something
Nothing unhealthy, though. Put away the chips and cookies, and cut up a fruit platter in your pantry. Not only will you feel rejuvenated, you’ll also feel better about yourself for withholding on the unnecessary sugar and carb intake. 

Image: TPG

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