It’s always a good idea to add more fruits to your diet, since most of them are chock-full of vitamins and fiber. While we don’t usually see fresh cranberries at the supermarket, there are other ways of incorporating it into your diet, such as drinking cranberry juice or snacking on craisins (dried cranberries). Here’s why.

  1. Lower risk of getting urinary tract infections

    Anyone who’s had this before would agree that it’s a literal pain in your you-know-what. Chug cranberry juice on the regular and you’d experience less UTIs, because they contain chemicals that prevent bacteria from sticking to your bladder.
  2. For a healthier heart

    Cranberries are rich in anti-oxidants, which are good for your heart.
  3. Prevent the formation of kidney stones

    The high organic acid content in cranberry juice helps to break down any build-up.
  4. Give your immunity system a boost

    Oranges are not the only way for you to get your vitamin C. Cranberries are a rich source of it as well.
  5. For better skin

    When you make sure that you get all the vitamins your body needs, your skin naturally becomes brighter and clearer. Not only that, cranberries also purportedly have chemicals that help prevent the breakdown of collagen.


Text: Sophie Hong