Unfortunately for us, #selfie has become part of the ritual of any reunions or casual meet-ups. it’s as if people are not gonna believe you were really there unless you pose a selfie. Which is why, every time someone whips out their camera phone, we can only sigh and think of the 1001 ways we could look bad in the photos. Comrades, here are five things only we can relate to.

1. There’s no such thing as a good angle
Holding the camera at a 45-degree tilt only makes our forehead look bigger.

2. If a good angle exists, someone would have taken that spot in a wefie
The worst thing about wefies is that someone has to be close to the camera. And that poor unfortunate soul’s face would look twice as big as the rest. And that poor unfortunate soul happens to be us.

3. Filters? Come on, Photoshop works better
Most people believe that filters enhance a photo, but to us, our photos are beyond redemption. The only thing that helps is Photoshop. Or putting a sticker over our mugs.

4. Taking selfies is not a social activity
“Let’s take a wefie” seems to be synonymous with “group hug” now. Come on, not everyone likes to take photos. #truefact

5. Having a photo of you taken of is 100 times better
It’s funny how you can look completely normal in a photo taken by a friend, but look like a nutcase in a selfie. No, don’t you dare blame it on our photography skills.


Images: TPG/Click Photos