As much as we’d like to be kind and courteous individuals, there are just some characters in life who’ll make your blood boil. You can’t help but lose all chill when these people are around you. Sadly, there’s no guaranteed way of getting rid of these nasties unless you become a recluse. But the good news is, you can learn how to recognise these people and avoid them as much as possible.

  1. The self-righteous a**hole

    Otherwise known as The One Who Always Has An Opinion (even if you didn’t ask for it). This jerk thinks that everything he/she does or say is right, and everyone else who disagrees is wrong. He/she will always have something to say, be it about your dietary choices, your love life, and even your damn Instagram filter. It’s easy to identify these people: just scroll through their Facebook timeline. If there’s a post judging or complaining about people every other day, RUN.
  2. The a**hole who doesn’t own a watch

    “I don’t know why I’m still friends with this person,” you grumble to yourself for the nth time while waiting for the said person. We get it, sometimes the traffic is bad, sometimes the trains break down. But being late for over an hour is inexcusable, especially when you’ve already made plans to meet with a friend. Truth to be told, you have no use for friends who don’t respect your time. Bye Felicia.
  3. The ME! ME! ME! a**hole

    When encountering this type, you can’t help but hand it to them. Somehow, these people will always have a way of turning the conversation to their fave subject – them. It’s practically an art form.  “OMG, you went for staycay at this hotel? Well let me tell you about my one-week stay at this gorgeous resort in the Maldives. Oh, you met this cute guy at work? You know what I did this one time when I was at a party and the hottest dude in the room was totally into me?” UGH WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO ONE UP ME, THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION. STAHP.
  4. The thick-skinned a**hole

    When you’re an adult, you start to learn what’s socially acceptable and what’s not. For instance, borrowing a friend’s bag is OK, but you shouldn’t take too long to return it. Likewise, nobody is going to fault you for eating the last slice of cake in the pantry, as long as you asked if anyone else wants it. To be completely fair, some people might not be aware of how this behaviour is making others uncomfortable. Maybe you just need talk to them nicely about it, but there’s also the off-chance that you might look like a b*tch. Thread carefully.
  5. The sh*t-stirring a**hole

    We understand that people gossip, but spreading malicious rumours around is just plain evil. That’s why you have to be extra careful around these troublemakers. You never know when they’ll say something that might eventually cost you your job or destroy your relationships. Be wary of what you say around these people, because they might just use the information as ammunition.

Image: Tumblr
Text: Sophie Hong