For most of us, it’s a long weekend. If you’re not bouncing from the country, here’s how to ensure you make full use of your sweet, sweet freedom.

1. Download apps to help you capture the heartwarming moments 
Wow your relatives and friends with the latest video or photo editing app when you quickly and seamlessly piece together photos and videos taken over dinner within the span of a few minutes. For example, if you’re looking to send a simple slideshow to your family, Flipagram is a good app. The app allows you to put together several photos and add music – voila, a slideshow! If you’re an iphonographer, you already know of VSCOCam, but other photography apps, such as POMELO, also feature myriad filters (70+ in fact!) to make your moments extra special.

2. Catch up on the backlog of movies, TV shows, and books that you never found time to get down to
Enriching yourself intellectually will be the most productive thing you do this break. If you’re wondering where to start, this list might prove helpful.

3. Hang out with a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile
Even though we believe you can never be too busy (it’s all about priorities and time management), there are occasions where we let people we care about slip by. Soon, days turn into months, and before we know, we realise we hardly know a thing about them anymore. If anyone came to mind while reading that, pick up the phone and drop them a line. Now.

4. Reflect on your new year’s resolutions
We’re two months through 2015. How are you holding up on your hopes and dreams that you set yourself on 31 Dec 2014? Are you on your way to a more fulfilling career, like you promised yourself? Have you started writing that book you always said you would? Don’t beat yourself up over unfinished tasks, but also know that it’s never too late to restart and reboot.

5. Get your heartbeat racing and pump in some workout hours
Not only does exercise keep you fit and help you shed those calories from (excessive) CNY feasting, the adrenaline also feels pretty darn good. You won’t feel so sluggish over the long break, and might even find the energy to get more things done. Try this workout if you’re looking for something upbeat, fun, and also heart-thumpin’.

6. Visit places you’ve always wanted to go
Don’t be fooled by the size of our island – there are many places undiscovered and activities unheard of that might surprise you. Put on your walking shoes and get ready to explore places you never even knew existed. Start here, here, or here.

Goat xi fa cai!

Main image: TPG