7-Eleven Has Collectible Sanrio Items And They’re SO CUTE

Collect them all!


Sanrio fans, get ready to do all your food and beverage shopping at 7-Eleven because they just announced new collectible items that you’d love to add to your collection.

The new collection features “Lock & Go” water bottles and containers adorned with Hello Kitty, Pom Pom Purin, My Melody and Little Twin Stars that you can totally bring to work. And they’re all adorable.

Scroll through the gallery to see the designs.

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Tempted yet? Here’s how you can redeem them.

Spend a minimum of $4 in any 7-Eleven store on your first purchase to get a stamp card along with your first stamp. Every $4 spent during subsequent purchases will earn you another stamp. Want more stamps? Selected 7-Eleven STAR products will earn you two!

With 22 stamps, you can redeem a container. Can’t wait till you collect all 22? Simply collect six stamps and pay an additional $5.90.

Eyeing the water bottle? You need 30 stamps for that. Alternatively, collect six stamps and pay an additional $9.90.

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