It’s Australian Day! Here are some of our favourite men from down under to double tap on. 


  1. Jordan Kale Barrett, an Australian model


  2. Ben from Acai Brothers, who also sports a magnificent man bun


  3. Ryan, also from Acai Brothers, who frequently posts photos of dogs (awww!)


  4. Technically not just one guy, but you’ll never regret following swimwear/underwear brand aussieBum because… well… 

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  5. Kayne Lawton, who’s all about living that #fitspo life

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  6. Australian host Jason Dundas 

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  7. What’s better than one hot Aussie? Two hot Aussies! Meet twin models Jordan and Zac Stenmark


  8. And of course, how can we forget the delectable Hemsworth brothers

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Image: Liam Hemsworth’s Instagram

Text: Sophie Hong