The time of the month is defo not the best time of our lives. Sure, “period cramps” was a great excuse to get out of doing PE when we were in school but we honestly don’t want to experience it for real. That, coupled with feeling bloated? You’d think life couldn’t get any worse. And that’s also why you shouldn’t make matters worse with the wrong choice of diet. Here are seven types of food that you should avoid at all costs for a rather painless period.

1. Processed food
You may crave unhealthy food but lay off the chips and canned food. Even if you’re battling a bad case of cramps and don’t feel like whipping up a meal, don’t reach out for that can of tuna or sardine. Instead grab a bowl of soup from a food court or hawker center. It’s not only a healthier choice, but soup is also the ultimate comfort food.

2. Caffeine
Caffeine is said to worsen certain symptoms such as anxiety and depression (damn those mood swings), so it’s best to go for caffeine-free options when you’re having your period. Yes, that means no morning coffee, coke during lunch and tea for breaks. Water is great for replenishing your body, but herbal tea works just as well.

3. Sweet treats
Our body develop a craving sweet stuff during that time of the month because the raging hormones make our sugar level go haywire. But don’t just give in to your cravings—it can upset the stability of your immune system and also make you feel more lethargic. And you thought you could get a sugar rush!

4. Fatty foods
Eyeing that slab of ribeye? Wait till your period is over. Fatty meats (or fatty food, in general) are high in saturated fat, which worsens your cramps. But that doesn’t mean you can only eat veggies. Go for lean meat and fish instead.

5. Factory-produced bread and pastries
We don’t really have time (or know-how) to bake our own bread but you might want to avoid commercial baked stuff for now. Delish as they may be, they contain trans-fats, which increase the estrogen level and cause pain in the uterus when you’re on your period.

6. Dairy products
No ice cream when you crave it the most? We understand your pain but dairy products contain fats and have the same effect on your body as fatty meat. So unless you fancy a bad bout of cramps, hold that craving for a week.

7. Alcohol
You might feel like downing a bottle of beer because of PMS (which makes you feel like murdering everyone around you) but alcohol will only worsen the symptoms of depression. Moreover, it can also intensify your cramps and worse, make your flow heavier since it acts as a blood thinner.

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