He’s dropped the hints and now you can be sure that he’s interested in you, but how do you let him know that you feel the same?

1. Indulge him
Don’t ignore him when he’s talking or flirting with you, or he might take that as a sign that you’re not interested. Moreover, guys love the attention, so go ahead and lavish that on him.

2. Make eye contact
You’re basically reciprocating what he did when he stared at you. But you don’t have to be all #creepy and not let your eye leave him (#stalkeralert). Just make sure you maintain eye contact and smile when he’s talking to you, or when he’s around you.

3. Keep your paws off every guy
Trying to make him jealous by flirting with other guys? This will only backfire on you. If he sees you getting it on with other guys, he might think that he’s read the signs wrong, and you’re only flirting with him casually or out of habit.

4. Don’t make him feel like a stranger
Sure, you and your friends—including guy friends—may have inside jokes but don’t crack those in front of him. He will only feel ostracised or perhaps even a little stupid for not getting the joke. Hurting his ego is not the best way to let him know that you want him.

5. Hang out with him
Perhaps he hasn’t gathered the courage to ask you out on a date, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait forever. Ask him out casually to hang out and once he sees that you’re totes fine with spending time with him, he might just ask you out!

6. Don’t just talk about work—show that you’re interested in his life
If your potential boyfie is a colleague, remember to expand your convos beyond work and the weather. Limiting the talk to office-related topics might suggest that you don’t see him more than as just a colleague. But while it’s good to ask him about personal stuff like family, don’t go overboard and start asking about his assets before you even go on the first date.

7. Remember the little details
Taking note of things like his birthday, the stories he told you about his mom a few months ago or how many pets he has shows him that you care enough to remember the things he said. Lbr, if you’re not interested in a person, there’s no way you’d even make the effort.

8. Don’t sit on the fence
You might think it’s a great game, but sending mixed signals will only serve to confuse him, and this will tire him out after a while. You wouldn’t entertain a guy who sends you mixed signals, so why should he pander to your whims?

Images: TPG/Click Photos