He can be the sweetest guy ever, but sometimes he’s so dodgy you can’t even. Which is why, after all this time, you still can’t tell whether he’s lying. But if any of these strikes a chord or hits too close to home, yes, that’s the alarm bells you hear ringing.

1. He gives a non-committal answer and changes the topic.
Your man tells you that he went out with his friends over the weekend, and when you ask him about it, he grunts a reply and quickly shifts the focus on something else.

2. He gets defensive.
You ask one question and he loses his temper, insisting that he has done nothing wrong though you weren’t even insinuating anything close to that.

3. There are loopholes in his story.
The details don’t fit to form a complete puzzle and when you quiz him on the stuff that don’t quite add up, he becomes panicky.

4. He avoids eye contact. Or gives too much eye contact.
Most people avoid eye contact when they’re lying, but there are also those who are aware of this habit and consciously maintains eye contact. So just because he’s looking you straight in the eye doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth.

5. He becomes very secretive.
His browser history is cleared. So are his call logs. He watches you like a hawk when you’re using his phone, even if it’s for a short while. And he starts moving away to answer calls or reply to messages.

6. He shifts the blame to you and accuses you of being distrusting.
When you question him about his activities, he starts lashing out and accuses you of stirring trouble. He also turns the table and starts nitpicking on your activities.

7. There’s a pregnant pause before he answers your questions.
You can practically see the gears in his head moving whenever you ask him questions—and that’s not memory retrieval at work.

8. His answers are rehearsed.
His replies are perfect—too perfect. And even when you ask him about something else, he somehow manages to fit his rehearsed answer in. Clearly, he deserves a medal for that ability alone.

Images: wernerimages / 123RF.com, elwynn / 123RF.com