Honestly, is there a better gift for any occasion than a gorgeous bunch of flowers? We think not. (Unless you have somehow figured out how to combine fried chicken and flowers in a non-weird way, in which case, call us.)

Recently, we partnered with the boutique florist brand Fleuriste for the Clozette relaunch event. And, as we watched Sarah and Joan tie the prettiest bouquets literally non-stop for two whole hours, we noticed there were certain tricks they used, no matter which flowers had been selected.

With Mother’s Day coming up, we begged them to share their secrets for making the perfect flower arrangement so we can wow our mums. And, because they believe in putting the fun back in floristry (and also because they are absolute legends), they kindly agreed.

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Still not sure if your fingers are quite green enough to impress your mum? Fleuriste have posies starting from just $35 here!

Images: Fleuriste