So we’ve rounded up the best and the worst this year but because everyone else is doing their own “Best Nine” posts on Instagram, which curates posts with the most number of likes on their account, we decided to do something similar for—our own Best 15. Here are some of the articles that you loved this year.

1. How to turn him on

2. Hot Korean celebs whom you can communicate in English with

3. Jacqueline Wong… because everyone wants to know about her

4. How much to bao for a wedding (because we’re not made of money)

5. Our interview with Mongchin

6. UN Village: a swanky neighbourhood and a dating spot in Seoul

7. You have hair issues, we gotchu.

8. Ugh, the terrible SG Nasi Lemak saga

9. Luck, lai, lai

10. Everything you need to know about revenge porn

11. How to channel girlboss vibes like IU in Hotel Del Luna

12. Is it can save $1,000 per month? One girl says yes

13. Where to buy… things

14. Why people do the things they do

15. Health (and food) matters

And many more.

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