The Tiong Bahru community is once again extending a helping hand to a grey tabby who lives in the ‘hood. The cat, known as Bob, is a stray that has been living in the area about nine years.

More than $2,000 has been raised on crowdfunding site GiveAsia, which was set up by a resident to help pay the 12-year-old feline’s growing medical bills.

It has been suffering from a chronic bladder condition after an accident in 2010.

While a series of operations saved Bob’s life, its condition worsened about six months ago.

Every evening, residents take turns to administer a 150ml saline drip for Bob.

This is needed to ensure it is adequately hydrated as it began drinking less water and now suffers from difficulties urinating as a result of a build up of crystals in its bladder, said Eng Hoon Street resident Kelvin Ang, 46, a public servant.

Mr Ang estimates its medical supplies and regular vet check-ups over the next two to three years will cost about $5,000 and hopes more people can chip in.

About 10 residents are involved in Bob’s welfare at the moment.

They take Bob into their homes every night so it does not wander around and munch on dried food, which will exacerbate its condition. They also feed it steamed fish and vegetables twice a day.

This is not the first time the community has gone the extra mile for Bob after it appeared in Eng Hoon Street in 2009.

After its accident in 2010, residents and shop owners helped fund its veterinary bills, which came to about $20,000.

They raised $16,000, and Bob’s previous vet also gave an $8,000 discount. The remaining $4,000 was used to fund the cat’s subsequent medical bills, but the money has run out.

Since then, residents have banded together to care for the cat, which has become an “icon” in Eng Hoon Street, said Mr Ang.

“He’s part of the neighbourhood and brings people together.”

Mr Ang added that Bob also “knows who needs a bit of company and will give them attention”.

“We will care for him as long as he needs our help.”

Madam Chan Poh Lin, 66, who works in sales and has been an Eng Hoon Street resident since 1990, said: “We feed strays and after a while, the attachment grows. It becomes a routine and a commitment.”

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Image: The Story of Bob – a very special cat’s Facebook