Pamper Yourself At Home With These Body Creams That Smell Like Your Favourite Spa

body creams spa home

In this hectic day and age, we need to always remember to spend time to unwind and destress. Be it reading a book, doing yoga or just watching Netflix, you will be amazed at how setting aside some me time every day for yourself can help to recharge you after a long day. If time permits, you can even go for a well-deserved massage. However, since you might not always be able to get away for 2 hours, the next best thing is to give yourself a spa experience at home. Light some candles, put on some music, and slather on a luxurious body cream to get into the mood.  Check out the following amazingly scented body creams and get ready to feel pampered in your own home.

Image: Unsplash
Text: Chelsea Tang / Her World / October 2019

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