Here’s How To Find Out If You’re Underpaid


You spent three years getting your degree and a couple more building up your portfolio. You go for a job interview, and the human resource manager tells you that whatever they’re offering you is the highest they’ve ever gone. You accept the job, and then found out someone else who is less qualified gets paid higher than you. Bam! There goes your motivation for the job.

The good news is, LinkedIn just launched a new service where you can check how much salary other people at the same level of profession are drawing. LinkedIn Salary compiles data from LinkedIn members, taking into account various factors, including their salary, bonus, number of years of experience, education level, company size, industry and location.

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If you’re worried the whole world would be able to see how much you’re getting in your current job, the company stated on their blog, “rest assured that when you enter your salary, it’s immediately encrypted and remains private.”

With this service, you can negotiate for salary, bonus, pay raise or even promotion. The bad news? It seems the service is not available in Singapore yet, because we can’t seem to enter our city as a location. In the meantime, you can use Glassdoor, which provides a similar service based on data submitted by their users.

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