It’s the rainy season and most of us don’t want to leave our warm blanket fort for work. So here’s a solution – make your workspace a pretty place so that sitting at your desk won’t be such a dread.

1. Expressive mugs

Let these cute mugs reflect your mood for the day.

2. Not your normal coffee

Have this cold brewed coffee
 to go with the mood mugs.

3. A unique blend of tea

Not a coffee person? Have some Pandan Chiffon tea instead.

4. A pretty notebook

While enjoying that coffee or tea, jot down your to-do list in this gorgeous notebook.

5. A calendar you’d wanna look at every day

But wait, you gotta check the date on this cheeky Singlish calendar first.

6. A not-so-typical desk organiser

Grab a pen from this desk organiser
 that’s defo pleasing to the eyes.

7. An adorable stamp set that makes you happy

End off your to-do list with this pug stamp set

8. Quirky sticky notes

Remind yourself of the important tasks with these sticky notes that’ll probably make you hungry.

9. Super cute clips

Get your sheets together using these iconic paper clips.

10. An iPhone case that suits every occasion

Last but not least, #stayclassy always with this iPhone case.

Image: Robert Churchill /
Text: Liu Kai Ying