Who doesn’t want a pay raise? But this topic can be hard to breach with your boss, and tempting as it might be to go down on your knees and be like, “tolong lah, lao ban“, there’s actually a proper, adult-y way to go about this. Here are some helpful tips from career coach Karen Bremner that you should follow.

Know the going wage rate for the job

“Look at annual salary reports and check Payscale (payscale.com) for a rough idea of typical rates. Knowing the basic market rate grounds your discussions in reality – and quoting salary ranges (rather than a fixed amount) keeps the negotiations open.”

Plan for success

“Don’t hijack your boss with an unexpected request, or when she’s focused on more pressing priorities. You want to set the scene for a positive and productive discussion. Tell her in advance that you’d appreciate an opportunity to discuss salary, and let her set up a time.”

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Sell your business case

“Remember that your worth to the company depends on the value you bring. It’s not about how hard you work or how long you’ve been there. You’ll need to demonstrate how you’ve actively added value to the company, above and beyond just doing your job.”

Be flexible

“If your boss can’t promise you more money at the moment, let her
know you understand. Next, ask if you can review the situation in a few months’ time, or look at other non-financial perks. You can still negotiate hours, training or leave.”

Now, go forth and get dem dolla dolla bills, y’all.


Text: Jessica Bailey and Ruth Field