You’ve probably met social media influencers who produce fashion, beauty and lifestyle content, but have you met anyone who specialises in bullet journalling? Meet Euclea (@mochi.studies) who boasts 48.8k followers on Instagram just from posting bullet journal designs.

The 17-year-old picked up bullet journalling after she saw it on Tumblr in 2016. “As someone who really enjoyed drawing and painting, the idea really attracted me when I saw people posting pictures of their journal ‘spreads’ online. It was a good way to incorporate drawing into my daily routine, but at the same time be productive! I kind of just bought a book and started doodling in it, drawing inspiration from pictures I saw online of other people’s journals.”

She started posting her works on Tumblr, but decided to move her portfolio to Instagram in early 2017, partly because her friends from a bullet-journalling community were also doing so. The move proved to be worth it: “It was definitely a lot easier to find inspiration, and it was a lot easier to facilitate interaction between fellow hobbyists, and people who were looking to get into bullet journalling.”

Here are tips from @mochi.studies on how to get started and how a working millennial can benefit from it.

It’ll help you organise your life

Euclea says that since bullet journalling has helped her better keep track of things. “The main benefit to bullet journaling is that it allows you to design your own agenda/planner that is specific to you and your needs. I tend to be really forgetful, and when I have a really busy day I have a tendency to leave things to the last minute! So writing things out and having a visual representation really helped me to organise my time and priorities a lot better.” Having a busy week at the office? Write down your tasks in order of priority, so you don’t miss out on any of it or spend your time on less important things when urgent matters await. You can also use it as a reference when you’re listing your accomplishments during appraisal period. If you’re working on a project, you can also use this method to organise your ideas.


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It doesn’t take a lot of time

Depending on how comprehensive you want your journal to look like, bullet journalling can take as much as an hour and as little as five to 10 minutes. Euclea prefers to do her spreads weekly, and go back later to fill them up. “I find a time to sit down whenever I’m free to design a weekly spread, so after that I just fill it in every day like a diary.” If you like your journal to look glamorous, you might have to spend more time designing it on the weekend so it’ll be all ready for you to use on Monday morning. Else, just use colour-coding to make it look less grey and sad.


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It doesn’t cost a lot of money…

…unless you splurge on the materials. Euclea says although she buys a lot of stickers and washi tapes for her journal, she spends less than $10 a month on materials. Of course, it helps that her friends and family who know about her hobby also gift her materials. “I think the most expensive thing I’ve bought would actually be this leather cover for midori’s traveler’s notebook! It cost about $50, but I think it was pretty worth it for the quality.” If you’re carrying it around for work, we suggest getting a swanky journal, but skip the stickers and washi tape. After all, you don’t want a Hello Kitty sticker to drop out of your journal and land on your client’s contract in the middle of negotiation.


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One journal can last you more than a year

Don’t fancy of having a lot of journals lying around your house from your bullet journalling habits? Each journal should be able to last you at least a year—Euclea’s lasted a year-and-a-half. However, she admits that she currently switches among three: “I switch around between the second and third one depending on my mood. The third one is a lot smaller, so I reserve that one for more personal entries, sort of like a diary.” You can stick to one journal, of course.

It can be digitised

Bullet journalling might have started with pen and paper, but we’re digital natives, so you can also do a digital version of it. Euclea also uses iPad and Apple Pencil to help her journal digitally. “I can include pictures I’ve taken throughout the day into my bullet journal a lot easier, so I think it has streamlined my bullet journalling in a way that has made me more efficient. I can drag and drop pictures from the internet, edit pictures and put them into my bullet journal, and all in one place, which makes things a lot quicker.” She uses apps like Procreate and Notability to help her design her journal. “Procreate tends to be used by many illustrators and graphic designers, so there’s a huge collection of brushes and tools available, which fits my personal style of bullet journalling. Notability has a simpler interface, but has easy drag-and-drop functions that allow me to dump all the pictures I want into my journal quickly.” If you’re working on a campaign and need to track it and present your findings, it could be easier for you to have all the photos and information in one place. In fact, if your journal looks comprehensive and clear, you might even be able to use it in your presentation to your bosses.


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“I suck at Art… how ah?”

Euclea assures that you can have a nice-looking journal even if Art is not your forte. She reuses materials that are lying around her house, such as “magazine cut-outs, newspaper clippings, old movie tickets, receipts or even business cards” to jazz up her journal. “Whenever, I’m having trouble thinking of ways to design my bullet journal layouts, I simply go online and take a look at how others have done theirs. The inspiration really helps!”

Don’t know how to get started on your week’s to-do list? Here’s a sample Euclea created for us busy millennial hustlers, along with a few tips!


Image: Unsplash