A work husband is great. He provides support in an environment that can get competitive and hostile (and where you also spend most of your day). But between the coffee runs and inside jokes, the lines can get blurred fast.

Since you spend lots of time with him, you probably also let him in on your personal life. You most likely enjoy having him around because you guys share a lot in common. But while work husbands can be comforting, they can also be dangerous.

“People that work together in a specific industry are likely to have similar interests, characteristics, education background and goals in life, [and the similarities can also] promote attraction,” says psychologist Cristina Gonzalez from Alliance Professional Counselling.

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If the both of you are single, it may seem like there’s nothing wrong with being close to him. And there probably isn’t… until one of you starts having more expectations of the other.

Unless you guys are on the same page (either looking to date or not at all), it’s probably best to proceed with caution lest someone gets hurt.

An earlier version of this story  first appeared in the December 2017 print issue of CLEO magazine.