Everyone has a dream job, but not everybody has a chance to pursue the career they want. But before you start panicking about how to go about securing that awesome job, here are a few things you can do and these can all be achieved at the CLEO Career Academy.

1. Research
Research can get you to places. Find out more about your dream company or job so you can tell your future employer why you’re perfect for them.

2. Get expert advice
Sure, your friends can dish out pearls of wisdom but if you really wanna get a foot in the door of your dream industry, it’s best to speak to people who are already in it. The panelists for CLEO Career Academy include various personalities who are accomplished in their respective fields. From social media to fashion and even music, we’ve got you covered.

3. Write a winning resume
It’s easy to browse various websites to look for a job but writing a resume is no easy feat. After all, you don’t want to write a good resume; you want to write an awesome one that will blow your potential employers away. And, based on our experience, Googling “how to write a good resume” is of little help. This is why we got in experts from Jobstreet.com who will be there to dish out tips on how to craft a CV that will make you stand out from the pool of applicants.

4. Try to have a feel of what the job is like
Some people realise that their dream job ain’t that dreamy after they secure it. This is why it’s important to have first-hand experience before delving into it. One of the best ways to do so is through internship. Of course, being given an opportunity to witness how the job works will do you good too. If you’re interested in a career in publishing, join the CLEO Career Academy and you might just be chosen to shadow Editor Alicia for a day to find out what’s it like to work at CLEO!

5. Look good for the interview
Looking presentable is important. We’re not asking you to look like a supermodel or an air stewardess, but at least don’t look like you rolled out of bed and went straight to the interview venue.

Don’t know where to start? First things first: Your face. You don’t have to pile on layers of makeup for an interview. Instead, having a healthy-looking complexion might be enough. Start taking care of your skin with Clinique’s 3-Step System so you can put your best face forward during the interview.

Dressing up appropriately is as important. While you don’t have to put on a power suit, you still have to look like you actually put in effort to look good for the job interview. And, no, jeans should never be allowed in the interview room. Even if your line of job doesn’t warrant corporate wear, it’s best to turn up in a shirt-and-skirt/pants combo to look professional. And you can find a great selection of those at G2000. The best thing? We’re including G2000 vouchers in the goodie bag to wish you good luck for your interview!

6. Take a proper photo
Let’s be real, first impressions matter, even when it comes to photos. Some jobs still require you to send in resume photos and for some reason, we tend to look washed out or shell-shocked when we have it taken at the photo booths (#mysteriesoflife). This is why we’ve teamed up with the Clinique team who will prep you up and snap a professional resume photo for you! All you gotta do is head down to the Clinique #faceforward booth at Sephora ION on 22 and 23 August, between 4pm and 7pm, to get your photo taken. Senior Beauty Editor Cynthia will also be dishing out makeup tips for looks you can wear to work!

Join us at the CLEO Career Academy
Venue: Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Mandarin Ballroom III
Date: 29 August 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Fee: $15 for one person, and $20 for two

Sign up for the CLEO Career Academy here. Due to overwhelming response, we have added more seats! Sign up today!

Images: elwynn / 123RF.com, belchonock / 123RF.com