So you’ve survived half of 2018. The first half of the year might have been smooth-sailing for some of you, or disastrous for others. Can you make it through the remainder of the year unscathed? Read your mid-year horoscopes to find out what life has in store for you.

Aries – 21 Mar to 20 Apr

You’ve had a whirlwind of a year so far, Aries, and it isn’t about to stop yet! The second half of the year promises a wild ride with both ups and downs. Luckily, the remainder of this year blesses you with a new surge of energy to tackle whatever opportunities or obstacles that may come your way.

Watch out for opportunities in the workplace. Creative ventures work the best for you if they showcase your skills and talents. Be careful, however, as all this energy and drive can backfire if you’re not careful. Aries can end up being impulsive or biting off more than they can chew. Avoid taking risks just for the sake of it.

Watch out for your mental health in the remaining half of the year, as Aries have a tendency to over exhaust themselves. You may get easily frustrated over small problems as well. Learn to prioritise your goals and manage your schedule. You may also find your character and values being tested in the following months.

You may find yourself clashing with people with different opinions, most notably with women. Your hot-headed nature may find you in trouble. Avoid such conflicts and keep your communication channels clear and open. You will thank yourself at the end of the year when you look back at all the anxiety and frustration you managed to avoid.

Your sociability and confidence are also enhanced in the second half of the year. The positivity you exude can bolster your social and love life. People are naturally attracted to your fun-loving and adventurous nature, bringing their own positive influence to you. Use the remainder of the year to build stronger relationships with those around you, especially for Aries with children or families.

Taurus – 20 Apr to 21 May

It may be difficult to predict what exactly awaits Taurus’ in the second half of the year – you’re in for quite a journey. The following months are filled with ups and downs of all kinds. You may not always be prepared for the changes coming your way and will have to learn to be both flexible and adaptable.

You may feel as if you are underachieving, when in reality you’re making more progress than you realise. However, unexpected changes in the workplace may halt your progress. You may find yourself wanting to go in a different direction from your current path or starting up new projects. Don’t be afraid to embrace these desires.

The remainder of the year looks favourably upon new ideas and start-ups. Be careful in pursuing negotiations, especially when the holidays start rolling in. Your ability to turn the tide in your favour fluctuates heavily; your best bet might be to put off all talks until next year.

Your emotions may fluctuate just as much due to the changes coming your way. Taurus may feel unusually restless and develop bad habits or addictions to vent. Learn to channel those frustrations into positive motivators. Your social circle may expand as well. However, learn not to neglect your current friends. Be prepared as you may go from a full schedule to having your social life be put on ice at a moment’s notice.

Romance may be in the air for the next few months only if you are willing to seize it. Be careful about seeking advice from those around you to vent frustrations. It is also a good time to consider bonding with your family more. Relationships with those older than you are set to improve.

Gemini – 21 May to 20 Jun

Your mind and ability to communicate are your greatest assets for the remainder of this year, Gemini. They will help you navigate the emotional ups and downs that you may experience in the following few months.

You may find yourself yearning for something more down the path you’re headed. A growing restlessness may push you to seek out something new or look deeper into your current field of work. You may feel the desire to break through old barrier or defy the conventional rule in order to pursue your own interests and ideas.

Your ability to communicate these desires and ideas are enhanced for the remainder of the year. However, you should try to avoid negotiations and deals until you find yourself in a more stable position both physically and emotionally.

Physically, your health is quite stable. Mentally however, you may find yourself battling boredom. Your emotions may run high in the following months. You may find yourself more aware of your surroundings and be particularly sensitive to conflicts. Luckily, you are a great peacemaker among your friends and family. You may only falter if you let your personal feelings and emotions get in the way of your ability to arbitrate.

Your creativity and imagination are enhanced. You may find yourself more focused on your family, re-cementing your personal goals, or even home redecoration. Your draw towards spiritual avenues and charity work can help you meet new people and improve your self-worth. Be cautious, however, as you may tend to sacrifice yourself to please others. This half of the year helps you to recognise your own value and explore your abilities.

Take this time to showcase your good nature to build both public image and strengthen bonds among your family, friends and colleagues.

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Cancer – 21 Jun to 20 Jul

Look forward to the rest of the year, Cancer. Now is the time for self-discovery and rejuvenation. The following months promise to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and what your goals and relationships mean to you. Don’t be afraid to embrace the lessons you will learn.

You may find that your own idealism and imagination starts to spill over into other areas of your life. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as your creativity and imagination can aid you in standing out. You may even discover a hidden talent or find deeper meaning in your own work.

However, you must be careful to avoid blindly pursuing temptations of status or money and learn to ground yourself realistically. Success may come your way, but only if you pursue it in the small manageable steps.

People may test your patience this month. Nothing irks you more than remaining stagnant though. You are likely to pursue new activities, meet new people or increase the number of social events you have. You may feel more open and affectionate to what the world has to offer. This innocent naivety can be a refreshing new worldview. However, be careful as you are more vulnerable to being taken advantage off for your generosity. Luckily, your current family and friends will provide you more support.

Your increased empathy and sociability help to attract people to you. All that good karma you’ve been building up through helping others will eventually come back to you. Your intuition and sense of judgement also help you in seeking out someone that is just right for you. Pursuing your romantic fantasies are also encouraged, especially at the end of this year. Now is the time to follow your dreams and put yourself first. You deserve it.

Leo – 21 Jul to 21 Aug


Look out Leo, you lead this month like a general leads their army. Across the battlefield with power and decisiveness. This is your time to build your own foundation and carve a steady path for yourself in life. This is a good year for personal growth and goal setting.

Stay alert when it comes to negotiations or working out deals in business. People won’t underestimate your skills, but you shouldn’t overestimate yourself. The remainder of the year fully equips you with the skills to thrive in a competitive environment whether you are in a team set up or pursing your own venture. You still need to seize opportunities and understand your own shortcomings and limitations.

The remainder of the year may be messy and put a lot on your plate. You have the capacity to deal with all these challenges as long as you remain organised. It is advised that you start sorting out your goals for this and next year. Focus on long-term plans instead of short term desires that may harm you in the long run.

Tensions may spike up your blood pressure from all the work you have to deal with. It is important that you distract yourself from the hectic parts of your life with pleasant and relaxing activities. It may not be a good idea to take up any extreme sports or activities that could strain you. Be aware of your own emotional well-being as you can cave easily under pressure with all that’s going on.

Romance may take a backseat to your social relationships. What you may need more is support from your friends and family. Past regrets may come to haunt you and you should learn to let these ghosts rest. Focus on improving yourself and avoid impulsive decisions.

Virgo – 22 Aug to 22 Sept

Get ready for the next half of the year, Virgo. Like many other signs, you may find yourself reinventing and discovering new things about yourself. The more assured and comfortable you are in your own skin, the more likely you will find success in the avenues you pursue.

It is a good idea to cast a wide net for yourself in order to find success. Financial success is in the cards for you, but only if you play to the strengths of your creativity and inventiveness. Not all ventures may prove fruitful, so ensure you have a wide playing field. Make sure to keep your cards close to your chest. Be confident, but don’t start running before you even learn to walk.

Avoid overexploiting any one idea and don’t be afraid to question yourself if you are uncertain about your goals and priorities. The remaining few months may require some critical thinking on your part. You may need to rework your current team structure or consider bringing in new people or outsourcing if you find yourself in need of more time for brainstorming.

Virgos may prefer their own company more than others. It is not bad to take time to yourself since you will be doing a lot of reflecting. Avoid becoming too much of a desire. Despite your desire, you still shine in social events. However, remember to pace yourself and take time on your own when you need it.

Family matters may get in the way of romance. This is not a bad thing as you may already be more focused on redeveloping your own values. Towards the end of the year, your desire to put yourself out there may be more prominent. Until then, it’s not a bad idea just to focus on yourself.

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Libra – 23 Sept to 22 Oct

Look forward to a productive rest of the year. Librans may find themselves more focused on their own aesthetic and what they can attract through their charm and drive. You seem to be making progress and enjoying yourself while you are doing it. Other signs look upon you enviously.

Libra’s natural charm and ability to bring people together work well for them in the following months. You learn to make friends in powerful places and know how to hash out deals that benefit everyone. Works that help you expand both your portfolio and your personal life may be where you shine the most. Don’t be afraid to take up more of a leader position, as long as you are backing something you believe can help the greater good.

Fundraising, charity or community based projects may give you the most satisfaction and recognition from your colleagues. Even mundane work can feel exciting and fresh to you as long as they align with your goals. Your hard work and connection may start taking off the most nearer to the end of the year.

The remainder of the year embodies the phrase “look good, feel good”. Setting up a good home environment can help boost your health and mentality. If you feel that you are starting to behave out of sync or can’t control your emotions, then it may be time to rethink. Does your current environment really suit the sort of person you want to be?

Libra is a social butterfly this month. You feel happiest when you socialise with a purpose in mind as well. People are naturally attracted to your fun-loving nature. Awe them by showing you have both successful work and personal lives. This is also a good time to tackle any problems between you and your parents.

Scorpio – 23 Oct to 22 Nov

You may surprise yourself during the rest of the year, Scorpio. There may be new sides to yourself that even you were not aware of that emerge in these remaining months. Things may be more relaxed for you, allowing you time to get acquainted with the new sides of yourself.

Focus on building up your reputation, this is the time to stand tall and push forward at your own pace. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from others in your field. Be careful as you can become easily distracted. Learn to draw from the positive energy from people and don’t hesitate in facing your problems head on. Stand your ground and don’t be afraid to seek out inspiration or motivators to help you excel forward.

The normally shy Scorpio may find themselves taking a shine to the limelight as well. Now is a good time to work on your public image and learn to be independent. Financial success and project payoffs are more likely towards the end of the year. Don’t take this windfall for granted, make sure to consider saving and reinvesting in order to prepare for next year.

Your good mood extends to your health. Use the success that you experience in the following months as reasons to bolster your own self-worth and self-esteem. Learn to reconnect to the world and avoid overanalysing problems that may come your way. Now is a time to recognise your own value and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Your maturity and generosity naturally attract people towards you. Avoid mixing business relationships with personal relations however. Now may also not be a good time to consider marriage if you’re still busy working. Your common sense and judgement will aid you in avoiding bad weeds, trust that intuition.

Sagittarius – 23 Nov to 20 Dec

Sagittarius may find themselves focusing on more idealistic and abstract ideas for the remainder of the year. While you might sometimes doubt yourself. Sagittarius’ can tackle the rest of the year with an optimistic view. Keeping up that positivity is critical.

You may look more towards experimentation and unconventional methods in order to execute your plans. You may even find ways to teach yourself new skills or talents. You may have to be very independent as your innovativeness may not be easily understood by others.  You may also be easily affected by the opinions of others, especially close colleagues. Don’t let them sway your decisions too much.

The only one that can truly halt your progression is yourself. Learn not to be so hard on yourself even if an idea doesn’t come through. Avoid stepping up for other people’s mistakes as well. Understand where your own responsibilities lie and be tactful in delivering your own ideas and opinions. Avoid letting your personal feelings get in the way of your judgment.

Optimism helps carry you forward for the rest of the year. Now is a good time to spread your love and rebrand yourself as a more positive person. Be alert as certain friendships around you may start showing up in a more negative light. This isn’t a bad thing, however, as it helps you weed out the people that you shouldn’t keep around you. Reorganise your relationships and avoid people who try to push you into decisions. Avoid turning to food as a comfort mechanism for your stress; a good night’s sleep might do you better.

Pursuing your creative interests and new projects can help you in your social life. Rediscovering yourself can lead you to developing new relationships. Always strive to improve yourself and your environment.

Capricorn – 21 Dec to 19 Jan

Keeping a clear head is important to a Capricorn. The remainder of the year may provide you with your clearest and most muddy moments in your life. All of the events that will come your way ultimately serve to help you meet next year with a much better grasp on yourself and a handle on your environment.

“Shrewd businessperson” might be the perfect description for you in the following months. You embrace responsibilities and meet all coming personnel and business partners with a keen eye and sharp sense of judgement. People support your judgement and value your opinion. It is a good time to consider taking on new challenges.

However, you will have to learn to be patient as success will take time. Do not waste energy or push too hard to try and speed up projects. Money may pour in quickly, however, your expenditures and cost may increase to balance this out. Try to avoid committing to any major costs to help save some of that wealth for a rainy day. Taking a loan out at the right time may help bolster your business.

Overtime, frustrations and mounting workloads can cause you to have an eventual blow out in the following months. Your temper may suddenly become volatile and you may feel out of sync with other aspects of your life. This is your body telling you that it’s time to pull back and acknowledge your limits.

However, be careful not to direct your temper to the wrong person. When these explosive moment do occur, take time to yourself and learn to breathe.

Romance may take time to bloom, becoming more significant to you near the end of the year. Focus on clearing out the bad clutter or old baggage in your life in the meanwhile.

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Aquarius – 20 Jan to 18 Feb

Aquarius may find themselves interacting a lot with other people in the second half of the year. These interactions can range from good to bad. Aquarius must learn to deal with obstacles and frustrations before they can enjoy the fruits of their labour at the end of the year.

People in your workplace may frustrate you. You may find yourself up against a wall when you try to work in team settings. People that may have once been reliable suddenly seem to be dropping the ball on you. You may find yourself working extra hard to make up for the shortcomings of your team and that can leave you feeling frustrated. Learn to communicate your desires clearly and avoid miscommunication amongst your peers.

Team projects can be successful, but only if you are able to tap into the desires and motivations of other people. Learn to be the one to draw out their inspiration and drive. Don’t give into your frustration or respond to childish dares. Learn to pick your battles. Your greater empathy and openness can be an asset only if you use it to your advantage and not allow people to make unfair use of you.

Your energy can fluctuate heavily throughout the rest of the year. You may range from exhausted to suddenly wanting to be on the go. One place where your energy may be wasted is if you schedule too many social events. Learnt to pace yourself and say no when needed. Don’t be afraid to focus on yourself and expand your artistic hobbies or pursue your dreams. Do what makes you feel comfortable instead of making any radical changes.

Romance may take a while to blossom. It may be good to avoid making any long-term commitments or major relationship decisions at this point.

Pisces – 19 Feb to 20 Mar

Things are moving fast for Pisces in the second half of the year. You may feel as if you’re in a race car, running towards the end of the year at full speed. Life is both exciting and time consuming, but Pisces can ride it out with patience, thoughtfulness and creative wit.

Pisces excel at creative projects and feel proud when they succeed. However, your desire to showcase your unique skill to others may not withstand the pressures that work may demand of you for long periods of time. You may find that a lot of your time is being taken up, yet you are not seeing the results you want to see. It may be a good idea to take a break from work and recharge yourself mentally.

Otherwise, it is best to be patient and keep pushing forward. You may have to learn to be more realistic in your expectations and more practical in your execution. Things will progress slowly, but at least they will progress. Be more cautious in taking risks and keep your focus. Areas that allow you to showcase your speaking ability or build your public image can be good ventures to consider.

Pisces can feel easily bored or restless. You don’t do well under pressure and should learn not to put yourself in such situations. You may find yourself drawn to more spiritual ventures. It is a good idea to pick up relaxing hobbies that appeal to this spiritual nature. You can find comfort in your family and in helping others. Attending social events can be a major stress reliever for you.

The relationship is likely to return mid-year. People are drawn to your ability to listen and communicate easily with others. Consider social ventures dealing with charity or hobbies that fulfil you emotionally.

Text: Renaye Chan
Additional text: Hidayah Idris