Anna Haotanto is a picture of poise and success. And it’s not surprising, considering she’s the founder and CEO of The New Savvy, an online platform that aims to equip Asian women with information so they can make the best financial and career choices.

But the job wasn’t handed to her on a silver platter – she had to start the website from scratch. “I was clueless on developing a website, producing content, digital marketing, and publishing,” she says.

But that didn’t stop her. “I looked around for website developers and researched on websites. I learned about how websites are arranged and how they worked.” On top of that, Anna also researched on what women wanted to know about finances and what the market lacked.

Equipped with that knowledge, she ensured The New Savvy had an edge with content that’s original and relatable to women.

The initial period proved to be a struggle. “I ended up working till 4am every day,” she admits. “Most of my close ones were concerned and told me not to overwork. I think I made every mistake that shouldn’t be made. But that’s life, isn’t it? You falter, but you pick yourself up.”

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