Leaving your current job? You can either leave with grace or become public enemy before you make your exit. Here’s how you should spend your countdown.

Week One
Find A New You
Your employers might be responsible for finding a replacement, but you can always help by spreading the word about the impending vacancy.

Don’t Burn Bridges
As tempting as it may be to tell your superiors and colleagues off about their annoying habits, don’t do it – no matter how slim, there’s a chance that you’ll work with them in the future.

Week Two
Don’t Slack Off
Just because you’re leaving the company doesn’t mean you should kick back and relax. It won’t do you any favours when the time comes  for your boss to write your recomendation letter.

Keep It Sealed
Whether it’s due to poor pay or your cranky supervisor, you don’t have to advertise your reasons for leaving. It’s one of those things that is best kept to yourself.

Week Three
Tie All Loose Ends
If your replacement comes in before you’ve left the company, walk them through your workflow and ease them into the rest of team. Also, be sure to complete any pending jobs as opposed to leaving them to the newbie, because you have a better understanding of what needs to be done.

Ask For A Letter Of Reference
This is the best time for you to ask your boss for a letter of reference. It’ll come in handy at future interviews.

Week Four
Keep In Touch
You don’t have to be besties with your soon-to-be ex-colleagues, but do stay in contact with them. Keep in touch with old workmates and clients on Facebook or LinkedIn, so you’ll know where to look for them if you ever need their help or expertise in the future.

Image: Diego Cervo / 123RF.com
Text: Ruba Nackeeran
Additional text: Clara How